Manual Cleaning systems


DCR - Dust Cleaning Roller

The Teknek DCR range of products combines leading edge ergonomic handle design with major advances in clean roller technology. Use them and experience immediate yield improvements.
The dust cleaning roller named DCR (tacky roller or handy roller) is a simple to use hand-tool which removes particles down to 1 micron (and below).

The DCR can be used to clean any flat surface and will pick up particles down to one micron without damaging the surface or leaving anything behind.

After rolling the part you want to clean, simply roll the DCR over the specially made Adhesive pad to refresh the DCR for next application.

Available in 6inch (152mm) and 12 inch (304mm) working widths.



The Teknek Fastpad uses a unique motorised adhesive roll to remove the dust collected on the DCR hand roller. This ensures faster throughput and also guarantees the DCR roller is truly 100% cleaned – Every time.

With the Teknek 'pre-sheeted' adhesive rolls used adhesive layers are easily removed. See more at the adhesive roll product page.

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