XWCH Web Cleaner

Teknek XWCH Web Cleaner

The Teknek XWCH web cleaner provides an excellent solution for cleaning wide webs (or back up rollers) in industrial converting applications.

The Teknek cleaning roller system cleans particles down to one micron and transfer them to an adhesive roll

This cleaning system includes a ‘top of the range’ series of options for the most demanding applications including slide access to the cleaning rollers, covers, touch panel control PLC and more.

The ability to be mounted within 360° as both a single or double side cleaner, the product range brings Teknek Cleaning Technology  'tacky rollers' right to where you need it. Robust design incorporating a heavy duty engineered contact cleaning roller plus cutting edge airshaft technology to support the pre-sheeted adhesive rolls.

High performance cleaning down to one micron (or nanometre particles with the 100% silicone free Nanocleen option) at speeds to 350 metres per metre.

Complete with high performance Simco static ionization makes the XWCH range the perfect choice for converters in Asia.

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05 Feb 2013