SLn and SL Max

Teknek SL Max Web Cleaner

This new Teknek web cleaning system has been developed to enhance the range of cleaning roller solutions in web and reel to reel applications.

This elastomer roller web cleaner is similar has a wide range of width options up to 1100mm. The small profile allows integration in confined spaces for either single or double side cleaning.

Standard cleaning roller systems will clean particles from your web down to one micron.
The Teknek Nanocleen option for cleaning particles down to nanometres and 100% silicone free makes the SL the perfect choice for clean room product labels and films

This cost effective cleaning system is also ideal for label press cleaning applications. Clean before printing or clean after die cutiing and before rewind.

The system includes the optional high performance Simco ionizing system to ensure your product is both fully clean and static free.

The Teknek SL range of web cleaners is assured to improve your quality and yields leading to zero defects

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