Static Charge Applicators


Pinner Easy Integrated Charging Bar

The new innovative Pinner Easy Integrated Charging Bar combines both a static charging bar and static charge generator in one.

Pinner Arc Resistant Bars

Versatile arc resistant bars work for most charging needs.

Simco-Ion’s Pinner Series static charge applicators include the Linear Pinner, 5-Point and Pinner Claw. Applicators are arc-resistant to avoid suspension of static charge and loss of pinning action. The Pinners are current limited to ensure operator and equipment safety.

Pinner Superbar Charging Bar

For catalog and magazine stacking applications.

7402 Charging Bar

The 7402 charging bars measuring 1.5 x 0.75 in the cross-section is the smallest and lightest standard charging bar suitable for many electrostatic pinning applications.

Static Control