Static Control Bars


Simco Ion supplies a wide range of ionizing bars suitable for every application. With their worldwide reputation users are assured of satisfaction, performance and reliability when using Simco-Ion static bars.

IQ Power Speed, Hybrid, & Distance Static Bar

The Simco IQ static bar is an intelligent ionization system that enables you to remove static charge. Available in speed, hybrid, or distance bars to cover all applications.

Simco Blue Bar

Super high-output static control bar which is ideal for a wide range of appplications.

IQ Power Easy

The Simco Ion IQ Power Easy static neutralizing system, with reinforced profile, offers superior performance in a space saving design with an integrated high voltage power supply.


The MEB is a very efficient and versatile static eliminator for a wide variety of applications. Increased ion output for more effective performance and rugged stainless steel construction. The MEB Static Control Bar is an ideal choice for high performance static removal.

One Point Ionizer

The One Point Ionizer has a shock less static control applicator that is ideal for hard to reach static charges.


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Static Control