Web cleaning


1. Neutro-Vac Cleaning System
Simco Neutro-Vac web cleaning systems combine the power of a compressed air blast, Simco static elimination, cleaning brushes and a powerful vacuum to remove the static bond and clean webs down to 20 microns in size.

Neutro Vac systems are ideal for installation over unsupported webs from 3” to 300” / 75mm to 7.6 metres wide. The Simco Neutro Vac is the perfect choice for non contact web cleaning

• One side or double side (top and bottom) web cleaning
• Contact, non-contact and hazardous location options
• HEPA after-filter available

2. Ion-O-Vac Mark I Vacuum Cleaning System
This Simco Web and Sheet Cleaning System include brushes and Simco static bars before and after the vacuum cleaning slot. Removal of dust and dirt improves production speeds and lowers the incidence of product quality defects.
The Ion-O-Vac is normally mounted where material has more than 30 degrees of surface contact with a roller or cylinder. This maximizes the cleaning effect of the high pressure vacuum.
One side or double side (top and bottom) web cleaning. Ideal for cleaning paper, cleaning film, cleaning carboard and much more 
Contact and non-contact web cleaning configurations

Micro meter adjustments for precisely locating the cleaner head over the substrate

3. Ion-O-Vac Mark IV Rotary Brush Web and Sheet Cleaning System
The Simco Ion-O-Vac Mark IV Sheet Cleaning Systems utilize the power of rotary brush action to scrub the material surface, cleaning down to 5-microns. The cleaning action of the Mark IV rotary brush is designed for the toughest of materials that demand the cleanest of surfaces. Standard features include a canister collector with cartridge filter, pre-filter and motor starter. The Ion-O-Vac head with rotary brush has micro meter adjustment for raising and lowering the cleaning head.

Systems can be configured to clean one or both sides of the material.


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