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Teknek Wide Web Cleaner

The Teknek contact cleaning systems, cleans webs and idle rollers in converting applications.

This high performance Teknek cleaning system can be mounted at any angle to clean one side or both sides of your web.

The Teknek roller technology cleans particles down to one micron. Powerful Simco anti static bars are included as an opton.

The range of Teknek Web Cleaners brings Teknek Cleaning Technology “tacky rollers“ right to where you need it. Robust design incorporating a heavy duty engineered contact cleaning rollers with ultra-lowe shafts

This advanced web cleaner cleans all webs at a wide range of widths up to 1800mm.

This Teknek webcleaner is ideal for cleaning, films, paper, packing, PVB, decorative laminates and more.....

Teknek web cleaners have been highly successful in all web cleaning applications throughout Asia.

The single side configuration is excellent for cleaning steel rollers, cleaning back up rollers, cleaning idle rollers, cleaning diverter rollers etc.

Use Teknek web cleaning technology to increase your yield, increase quality and maximise profit.


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Web cleaning

Teknek MWC

05 Feb 2013 The Teknek MWC is a high performance web cleaner Read more...


05 Feb 2013