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Teknek Clean Adhesive Rolls

Teknek sheet type adhesive rolls and adhesive tape rolls are manufactured by Teknek at their own factory in the UK thus ensuring continuous quality control.

Teknek adhesive rolls have optimum coating so the give long life usage

Teknek adhesive rolls have individual overlapping sheets so cutting off a used layer with a knife or tearing off is not required.

The sheets are fully pre-cut and not perforated ensuring no tearing dust or loose strands of adhesive are released into the clean area or onto the clean rubber rollers.

Teknek adhesive tape rolls are fully guaranteed not to release anything back to the cleaning rollers or the material being cleaned.

Teknek adhesive rollers are uniquely bio-degradable (GAR paper base) and oxy-degradable (AREF - filmic) options available. Therefore 'Eco friendly and can save cost of disposal after use.

Available in a massive range of widths with 1.5 inch, 3 inch, 4 inch, and 6 inch core sizes ensuring they can be used on any machine make or type.

New static dissipative adhesive rolls Type GAR now available

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